Boots and Harmony Country Bridal Fair is next Sunday – come see us!

Come one come all to Boots and Harmony next Sunday!

The bloomsbury team will be channeling their inner cowgirls on June 1st from 10AM to 6PM in Milton – come check us out! We’ll be bringing you some vintage and shabby chic looks with a bit of a country twist!

See the details below:

Boots and Harmony Country Bridal Fair
Sunday, 1 June 2014 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Country Heritage Park
8560 Tremaine Rd
Milton, ON



Tip of the Day: cut down on costs by going seasonal

Hello everyone! The beautiful weather has arrived and so has bloomsbury’s series of tips to ensure you maximize the floral budget for your event!

Today’s tip is to opt for flowers that will be in season. As with any good or service, the price of flowers is subject to the economics of supply and demand. When a flower is in season, the supply is high and the prices will be lower. However, as the growing season for a flower moves on and the yield decreases, supply falls and therefore there are less flowers to meet the demand. As a result, the prices will go up.

So there you have it everyone – the economics of flowers. If you choose flowers that are in season and plentiful at the time of your event, you will be saving on your raw materials costs!

June is near and that means promposals and congrats for grads!

Prom and graduation season is upon us!

For the former – a beautifully designed corsage and boutonniere are essentials. Whether you want something retro or modern or simple and understated, we at bloomsbury have you covered. The best way to approach getting flowers for prom is to let us know about the dresses, tuxes, and fabrics involved. Coordination is key – either something that matches or complements the outfits of the couple. We want you to look fabulous and this is the best way for us to design something perfect.

For the latter – flowers have been staples for generations. Male or female, high school, college, or university, we can design the perfect bouquet for any graduate. Contact us as soon as possible with what you want to present to your graduate or for more information on our go-to grad designs.

A tribute to one of bloomsbury’s favourites – the timeless Audrey Hepburn

We at bloomsbury florists are not only passionate about flowers, but films as well. One of our biggest inspirations, Audrey Hepburn, would have celebrated her 85th birthday today. Not only is her talent, beauty, poise, and grace incomparable, but her humanity. She demonstrated empathy that few people of her stature have, and for that she is all the more beautiful.

It is for these extraordinary qualities – both on and off screen – that she continues to inspire us at bloomsbury.

Happy birthday Audrey!

Elegant No. 1