Behind the scenes on a hot summer’s day

Just a quick shot of the bloomsbury florists team hard at work for a lovely rustic wedding on Queen East in Toronto; loved this one!


A posh flower choker is the ultimate way to make a statement

Check out this lovely flower choker bloomsbury made for a gothic summer wedding! A definite way to make a statement at any time of the year!

Happy fall from bloomsbury!

No big update today, we just wanted to wish everyone a very happy fall! We’ll also let you in on a little secret: most of us at bloomsbury love the fall. Like, to the point where we like it more than the summer. The colours, the breezy temperatures, the general crispness in the air!

In fact, the perfect time for picking apples!

Here’s a quick tip: take inspiration from the seasons if you’re unsure of a theme or colours, you can’t go wrong! For the autumn, rich reds, burnt oranges, mellow yellows, and touches of green and deep brown. Perfect!

Enjoy the new season everyone!

Tip of the Day: choose a focus flower

By focusing your arrangements on one or two types of flowers, you can enter into the world of economies of scale. The larger the order of a single type of flower, the lower the unit costs for that flower will be. You can then complement your focus bloom(s) with other florals if you want a varied look as opposed to uniform. But keep in mind, this will also have to be subject to economies of scale in order to see cost savings.

Boots and Harmony TODAY!

We hope you all (or should we say, y’all?) enjoyed today’s country-centric bridal show today! We wanted to bring you the best that bloomsbury has to offer when it comes to rustic, vintage, and whimsical themes.

Shoot us an email or give us a call to talk about the flower needs for your big day!