Boutonnieres – the staple for groomsmen

Boutonnieres are unquestionably the staple for any groomsman at a wedding.  Check out these dapper gentlemen from a wedding we just did at the Great Hall in Toronto:

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groomsmen assembled. #braidedwards2015

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One thought that crosses many a groomsman’s head is “How the heck am I supposed to put this thing on?”

Well have no fear, instructions are here!

  • There is always a ‘front’ to a boutonniere.  When we deliver our boutonnieres, they are laid out such that the front is facing upwards in the box and the pins are attached.
  • Once you identify the front, place the back of the boutonniere on the lapel at the desired height and angle.  It will typically go on the left lapel.
  • Using a pin (or two!) secure the boutonniere by piercing either through the front or back of the stem.  Make sure the pin goes through both the stem and the lapel.  One pin will often suffice.  The pins that we provide are typically adorned according to the theme of the wedding, so the head of the pin will complement the boutonniere nicely if it is exposed and facing outward.  It’s part of the design!
  • For added safety, push the point of the pin back into the stem slightly.
  • Give the boutonniere a gentle pull to ensure it’s on securely.
  • Enjoy!

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